XNA CuteGod Prototype

Thursday the 28th, 2pm SG Time:

Finally got a preliminary build out!

To run this, you will need:

- MS .NET Framework 2.0 (or higher)

- DirectX 9.0 (or higher)

- XNA Redistributable 1.0 Refresh

It's probably wise to save yourself the bother by checking your computer with DXDiag, etc. - you might have most of the stuff installed already, except perhaps the XNA Redistributable. 

Once you have all of the above installed: 

Download CuteGod_001a.zip

Unfortunately it only runs on WinXP (not Vista, OSX or Linux)... Please let me know if you encounter any trouble with the program.

Controls are as listed in the previous blog entry. Alternatively, just muck around with all the mouse functions until you get it. Oh, and by the way, fullscreen is an undocumented feature; it's either F11 or F12 - I forget which. ^^; 

Wednesday the 27th, 11pm SG Time:

I've been slacking off for awhile, but figured I should continue working on this. This project is really what's driving my XNA engine development, so it needs doing and doing well.

 Woo, particle systems! Light shining out of a cloud is suitably godly, I hope. ;)

Since the last update, I added proper camera controls, picking and placing tiles, and particle systems. Right now moving the mouse shifts the world around (similar to Black and White but without the need to hold a button), right-dragging orbits the camera around the current screen centre (there are upper and lower limits), and mousewheel is used for zooming. Left button, of course, picks and places tiles.

Really, this is being built more for a gamepad than for a mouse; the intended gamepad functionality is to have world-shifting on the left stick, camera orbiting on the right stick, and the shoulder buttons for picking stuff up. Probably I'll roll "zoom" and "camera angle" into the right stick Y-axis, sort of like the zoom function in Warcraft III.

Tile picking and placing are currently quite clunky; the tile simply teleports to stick to the cursor. My next thing to do is to make the tiles get "hoovered" up in a more convincing manner.

Friday 10:45am SG Time:

I just took an hour or so to revise the models and textures because I wasn't satisfied with the look. I think these new ones capture Danc's original intent much better, although there's kind of a glitch in the shading due to the way the triangles run on the chamfered edges. Oh well... I can live with that for now. <-- not a 3D artist

Old screens (with the old models):

Here are some really early development screens! Click to enlarge.