Ludum Dare 14: Wall Girl


This space will be used to host download links, images, misc. info, etc. for my Ludum Dare 14 entry. The work log has been posted on the Ludum Dare site - I may copy it here for archival after the competition is over.

- Download current versions: - If you are not a LD14 judge/entrant, or if you have already rated my entry, please download this. It's a version with several crucial improvements. - This is the version that was submitted for LD14. If you are evaluating Wall Girl for LD14 rating, please download this.

There was a bug in the original release version that skipped most of the game -_-; If you downloaded "", please re-download the above file.

I'm using XNA for development, so please note:

- System requirements are a video card that supports Shader Model 2.0. In other words, any PC made within the last 4 or so years should work, provided it doesn't suck. If your PC is older than that, how the hell has the video card lasted so long? (well, I do have a working laptop that was made in 2003, but that's an exception).
- To play the game, you WILL need to install the Microsoft XNA 3.0 redistributable.

Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 3.0

If the game gives an error when you attempt to run it after installing the XNA redistributable, you may also need to install the Microsoft .NET redistributable, and/or the latest version of DirectX for your OS of choice. This will probably be 9.0c if you're on XP. I think Vista ships with a usable DirectX version, so if you use Vista you probably don't need to download that.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 

DirectX 9.0c

- The source code for the custom library I made, "Booon", can be downloaded here (now new version with particle systems!). This was the version I was using at the beginning of the competition. 

After installing XNA, just unzip it to the My Documents/Visual Studio 2008/Projects folder. Or wherever you want to put your projects folder. There's an example program but no documentation (documentation is for the weak - I kid, I kid.)

- Older versions:

- Source code (for backup):