Bunbunmaru News Car

Itasha Creation #2 

 Originally I was planning to do another Nanoha car as my second itasha, but events intervened. When Kamui-san posted on the Forza imageboard about an upcoming Touhou itasha event, I couldn't resist the challenge. The idea for "an Aya-car covered in newspaper pages" had been bouncing around my head, although in the end it turned out a lot less spectacular than I had hoped (mostly due to layer limitations), and so that was what I did.  


The car itself is a Subaru Impreza S204, quite a nice machine. Tuning it was a bit tricky, but of course the paintjob is the main thing here :)


The event was quite a sight. There were actually about 15 people taking part this time (it's the 3rd such Touhou event), so people were divided into 2 rooms. Some of the cars were the same as in previous events, but there were quite a few new ones. Unfortunately, the best one IMO, a really amazing-looking Mystia car, didn't show up in the videos, and I forgot to save replays of most of the runs ;_;


Above right is a picture from one of the C-class races during the event. I had to actually do a quick cut-and-paste job to get the design onto a '04 WRX in order to race (the S204 is way overpowered even if you strip off all the upgrades).

Event videos are at:

http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm506848 (room 1 - the Bunbunmaru Shimbun car shows up at 02:24)

http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm506934 (room 2)

I'm not quite satisfied with the design yet; the feathers on the back aren't feathery enough, for one thing. In general, it really needs a lot more detail, and I'm thinking of putting some parody tuner labels (a la the Nanoha car) on the parts which look a bit too empty. Once I'm done making those tuner labels, Version 2 will be up...


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