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Hang Onto Yourself by Stu

a mix by Stu

  1. Hang Onto Yourself—David Bowie
  2. Remembering—Thanksgiving
  3. The Letter—Arthur Russell
  4. My Home Ain’t Nowhere—John Houx
  5. Bold As Love—Jimi Hendrix
  6. Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping—Grouper
  7. Laughing—David Crosby
  8. I Am The Cosmos—Chris Bell
  9. Small Ghost—Strawberry Hands
  10. Helpless—Neil Young, Last Waltz Version w/ The Band
  11. A Labor More Restful—Dirty Projectors
  12. Beauty Is A Rare Thing—Ornette Coleman
  13. Baby Blue Sedan—Modest Mouse
  14. No One’s Gonna Love You—Band of Horses
  15. I Don’t Believe You—Bob Dylan
  16. Be My Host—Larkin Grimm
  17. Wolves—Phosphorescent
  18. Great Ghosts—The Microphones
  19. That’s Us/Wild Combination—Arthur Russell
  20. From the Morning—Nick Drake

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