Easy To Learn, Simple To Use And Fast Results Haircutting System!
Can you do a cut like this
Or this....
Or even like this?
...with texture, contrast, details and movement in a few simple steps
The answer is YES!!! 
Because the techniques taught are complete, fast and simple to learn!
Our philosophy is simple.
" Absorb the best effective techniques and discard what is not useful"
Do You Want To:
  • Earn big money immediately?
  • Learn extraordinary secret cutting techniques that less than 1% of the hairdressing profession know
  • Learn it quickly, simply and apply it on clients with excellent results within 2 days
Now You Can
You can see more of these techniques here at
How it all started

14 years ago Laurence Lee was starting out just like any other hairdresser wanting so badly to learn the tricks of the trade. He had just switched over from an advertising industry to something that relied solely on the use of his hands for a living. He picked up the basic skills from a hairdressing school and relying on his artistic inclinations he went in search of the holy grail of haircutting techniques. He found none. Everywhere he went to, the schools just taught the same basic way of cutting hair. He was told that cutting hair meant cutting it wet and a haircut had to be cut in the traditional way. Angles had to be right, external shapes had to be smooth and everything had to look symmetrical. Laurence felt there was more to hairdressing than just following the rules of the book. He liked the idea of customizing haircuts to give it a more indivdual look. He wanted haircuts to have texture, details, weight control and movement. He wanted people to be just like people. They had to be real. Conventional cutting lacked identity. Flustered with what he saw and what was taught around him, he began to experiment... and experiment.. and experiment...and as he began to allow his heart to speak to his hands while he worked. A new form of cutting was born. He has created a system that is easy to follow, quick to pick up and have fast results. This system works for anyone that is completely new in the hairdressing industry as well as for those who have been in it for more than a decade.

The system of cutting you learn at Hairschool:

  • Completely new techniques which are practical usable, doable, reachable.
  • How to think creatively
  • What is texture cutting
  • Eliminate the mystery behind creative cutting
  • What it can be used for
  • What you can accomplish with it
  • How you can easily apply the technique into any hairstyle
  • How to use it with your current knowledge and experience
  • How to create points of interest and finishing in a haircut
  • How to get first time clients to become regulars
  • Precautions on using creative cutting techniques
  • Understanding hair textures, volume and movement  

How To Quickly Learn This


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Number of students    - Minimum 1, Maximum 3 
Cost per student         - S$120 for a one and half hour session. One session is sufficient for most learners.
Material                       - Cost of new human hair dolly head provided by client, dolly hair stand provided by instructor
Location                      - At location to be confirmed           
International Students:        
Please email about needs, fees and arrangements.
E -Videos are presently in the making
Please email us constructive ideas on what you would like to learn.
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Consultancy on Training, Branding, Packaging and Positioning. Please email queries.
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