The Fiber Center at Fryeburg Fair

Maine's Premier Exhibition Hall Dedicated to Fiber & Fiber Art Education


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 The Fiber Center Mission Statement:
“Fiber at Fryeburg is an educational exhibit to expose the public to natural animal fibers that can be produced in Maine and to promote their many uses. Our primary goal is to have people see animal fiber in the raw transformed into the yarns, cloth and felt that we use to create practical & usable finished products as well as purely artistic fiber forms. We do this through the visual arts of educational displays and actual hands on demonstrations. In addition, we can introduce new enthusiasts to the fiber arts by making fibers, items & equipment used in processing that fiber, and finished fiber products available for the public to purchase while maintaining the integrity of a highly educational exhibit.“

The Fiber Center at Fryeburg Fair, in Fryeburg, Maine has become one of the most popular exhibits at this event! In 1990 I began exhibiting my llamas at the fair to educate the public of their many uses to include their fiber. To help answer the question of what do you do with a llama as well as to pass time I began spinning my animals fiber in my animals stall. People were intrigued!

As a result we decided that it would be fun for the exhibitors to expand this idea of fiber education. The following year we added a few more demonstrations including felting and fleece preperation. It was so well received that it took on a life of it's own!

Five years ago, we moved from the many years of working in a tent into a fabulous new exhibition hall built specifically to house our incredible educational event. During the fair week, there are more than 40 volunteers who share their passion for fiber art with the public demonstrating their fiber art. We offer demonstrations in spinning, weaving, wet & dry felting, dyeing, carding, blending, rug hooking, rug braiding, fleece preperation, knitting.crocheting and many other fiber art forms.

In addition, the new building gave us a gallery space to feature a guest fiber artist each year allowing us to show Fiber Art beyond function. It acts as an incredible alternative gallery space which is presented to thousands of people during fair week. I like to say that "we are opening new eyes to art" since many of the fair goers might never step into an art gallery. It also acts as a perfect segue from the raw materials to finished art which lends itself well to people understanding an art form that they might never get in a typical gallery setting. We are open from 9am to 9pm Sunday through Saturday and from 9-6pm on the final Sunday during fair week. If you are interested in fiber and fiber art I hope that  you will some day come by to say hello!