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Charman Prize Competition Juror Comments March 2008:
“Interesting choice of mixed media. The Artist has a delicate hand ….”
“A rather original use of paper & fiber”

“Nice textures”

Other Comments:

“your work is beautiful, unique and really struck my daughter and I………” Saima

“loved your creations! … I could totally see them hanging in my rustic home. I wish time and the size of the crowd would have permitted me to watch you work more. They were delightful!” ……Melanie

“I would like to purchase one of your works before you leave ………There were so many to choose from at the fair that I liked – hopefully you have a few left……” ….. Carmen
“I know you painted those big pics, but with hair???........ It's amazing that it's hair… they were amazing. The animals were so detailed and I got a sense of Japanese influence or feeling with the Designs.” …. Deb

“I loved your new art form!!!! Very, very clever and I think you do a great job..... I would have bought any of the smaller pieces and hung them in my house anywhere I really LOVED the feral chicken and the lady slippers.. You have inspired me ……” …….Ellen
“Oh Gale.... Your artwork is fabulous!! I love the subtle reds in the artwork. It all works together. What fun! …….I am truly taken with the details of your work. I Love what you do and am excited to see your work next year……… Liz
“Everyone was interested in how the paintings were done and amazed that it could be done with fibers.”Lyn

“Your work is beautiful!!” Nina Fuller Professional Photographer

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