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 I was born and raised in Maine, spending most of my life there. I left Maine with my husband when his company transfered him to the Tampa Bay area and in 2007 we moved to Bermuda for a few years with a job change. Although I am living away from Maine at the moment, I spend lots of time there visiting family and creating and showing my art.

 I have worked since 2004 creating this new art form which I have trademarked as "Hairlock Painting"™. This unique and creative work combines my passion for working with animal fibers and the simple principles of Asian ink painting to create paintings using animal fibers as my "paints" on canvases that I hand make of paper pulp and wool fibers. This art form breaks through the walls of traditional fiber art forms in a way that no one that I know of has before me.

In addition to the Hairlock Paintings, I dabble in hand spinning, felting, knitting, crocheting, and wire, sea glass and fiber jewelry.

I have always had an interest in sharing my passion for Crafts, Folk Arts, and Fiber Arts resulting in being responsible for manageing the Fiber Exhibit at the Fiber Center during Fryeburg Fair, as well as the Bermuda Fiber Festival. Both have become very popular public educational Fiber events.

Life has taken me to parts unknown, always bringing me to delightful places I could have never dreamed of on my own. I relish my time as an opportunity to continue to cultivate what the universe provides me in the best way that I know how, and enjoying the journey along the way. I wish you all the same!