Hair Extensions :Gold Coast

Hair that you may only dream about is now possible.
Share in what movie stars and television personalities have been doing for years! This hair extension method takes thin hair and makes it thick, takes short hair and makes it long, and takes flathair and makes it full.

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 Hair extensions are attached to the hair to create length and fullness. The strands are small and are applied underneath the client's own hair. This means that they are extremely comfortable to wear and, most importantly, completely invisible to detect. Shrink links are so invisible that they make this method the most natural and most advanced on the market. .Most important of all your own hair is not damaged.The Shrink Links are the attachment mechanism which holds the extension hair in place. When heated, it quickly shrinks around the extension junction. They are essentially weightless and transparent. Camouflage is assured and you will experience complete comfort and confidence. Custom colour matching and special blending are offered for natural-looking results. There is no excessive heat or stress on the attachment area and no damage to your own hair.
The removal process is easy and fast.
Every hair texture is available in curly, wavy, or straight varieties. We can match any colour that you want, including highlights and blends. We have all grades of Indian and European 100% human hair, from medium grades to the finest.

Hair Extensions Q&A

Human Hair Vs Synthetic Hair