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                                                               Annmarie's Wedding


Hiya Bryn, well here are some photo's. It was the best day of my life. Everything went well, my family enjoyed themselves, they all did, I loved every minute of it. My husband's face when I walked in, was a picture, he cried, he thought I would wear a trouser suit, but he got a surprise. Him crying meant the world to me as he is a hard man, having been in the army and in the Falklands War, you probably know what I mean, but the day was beautiful. My hair was amazing, I put your website on my facebook,hope it gets you more people.
I want to thank you again for what you did for me. I felt a million dollars, and still do as I am still on a high, health wise I am not that good, but thinking about that day cheers me up 100%. Thank you again, I was lucky to have found you in my favourites, even if I did not put you in my favourites, but however it got there or who ever did it, I thank them as well.
Lots of love Annemarie

 Kim's Renewal of Vows 

             Thanks for everything. My hair got so many comments on how great it looked. X Kim

                                                         Rosie's Wedding

                   Thank you Bryn, for your beautiful work. It's so beautiful!, said Rosie's Mum

                                          Debra's Wedding

                                               Thanks for doing such a great job. X

                                              Sue's Daughter's Wedding

Many thanks Bryn, for doing my hair exactly as I wanted.The day went extremely well,thanks for your help. Sue

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