Terry Cooper - Head of Sussex Sport, University of Sussex

"I have known Scott since he joined the VRQ qualification in September 2009. During this time Scott has impressed me with the quality of work and equally the drive that he has shown in trying to improve his knowledge of the role and the industry."
"Scott is very likeable and very easy to get on with, although Scott’s work has been of a good standard and the enthusiasm is high up there, it is Scott’s personality that makes him a great candidate for a fitness industry role. I have worked in the industry for 20 years working with professional athletes and teams and would have no qualms about employing Scott in a full time role."
"Personal Training with Scott is fun, motivational and successful!  Despite the hard work, I am always laughing, Scott helped
me realise that I could achieve my goals and that exercise can be fun!"
Lucy Bailey, Newick, East Sussex

"Scott has been my personal trainer for over a year now, he is a responsible guy who gives me great motivation and really 
pushes me when its needed. He always has a confident manner, always has a smile and is a great listener.  Scott gives me
lots of encouragement and even makes me enjoy exercising - and that's not an easy job!
Through his personal training I have been able to maintain my fitness and have also been able to give up smoking."
Debbie Reza, Muddles Green, East Sussex


"Thank you so much for all your kind effort in helping me with my fitness in the garden and around the park - so much fun! 
I shall always remember your kindness, you are a lovely kind and helpful person, thanks. This may sound corny but the
world is a better place with people like you in it."
Dawn Gregory, Framfield, East Sussex

"Training with Scott is very effective and I certainly feel the benefits of his sessions.  I have now lost several stone and I'm
fitter, healthier and also smiling a lot more - all thanks to my personal training with Scott!  I do it with my wife and sometimes
our 3 boys join us as well for no extra cost!"

"I would recommend him to anyone looking to loose weight or even just for that extra bit of motivation - thanks!"
Mr & Mrs Kay, Buxted, East Sussex