One woman's personal effort to benefit and create awareness for the Washington Area Bicycling Association (WABA) Women’s Bicycling Outreach and Advocacy campaign, "Women & Bicycles".

Yes, I'm doing it again! Sunday, December 22, 2013. Please visit for 2013 ride information!

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Hi there, I'm Megan and I'm going to be riding around Hains Point loop for 100 miles. I know, you may think that's all kinds of crazy, but it's true. I'm doing this to raise awareness and funds for the Washington Area Bicycling Association's Women & Bicycles program.  I deeply believe that getting more women on bikes will make DC a better place for everyone. Come join me as I complete these 100 miles riding solely on Hains Point. Donate and/or join me for a few laps, several miles...or for the whole thing! 

Update: THANK YOU to everyone that made this event a success! As promised I rode 100 miles, plus 2 for good luck! I met so many new people and rode with old friends during the Hains Point 100. What brought us together was the desire to see more women on bikes. It's still not to late to donate!  More pictures of the event will be posted soon.

We got press!

Some great folks have put together some pieces about the Hains Point 100, check 'em out!


No doubt about it - this is a fundraiser! The ride's gonna be awesome, and I look forward to as many of you joining me as possible. 

But what will make this a success at the end of the day is more resources in the hands of WABA for the Women & Bicycles program.

Only 24% of regular bicyclists are women. We want to see that percentage to grow!

WABA's Women & Bicycles program seeks to get more women on bikes through programming that will provide information targeted to overcome barriers to cycling, provide coordination and mentoring, create a cohesive network , and more.

Please become a ride supporter by donating to WABA in your own name.  

Donations are tax-deductible!

Funding Levels

  • $5 - Foam Fingered Fan
  • $10 - Wheel Sucker
  • $25 - Feed Zone Musette Distributor
  • $50 - Domestique
  • $100 - Super Domestique
  • $250 - Lead Out Sprinter
  • $500 - Edgar (if you need an explanation ask Tyler Hamilton)
A cash donation jar will also be on-site the day of the ride.

Breaking News!
Riders that donate $50 or more are in the running to receive 1 of 15 copies of Elly Blue's "Everyday Bicycling".

(Thank you anonymous donor for your generosity.)

Ride Day Details

Please visit for 2013 ride information!

I don't want to do this alone - bundle up and get ready to join me! Please let me know if you're going to be joining me!

Update: If you're riding, here are more ride day details.

Ride Overview

The ride will take place on December 23rd at Hains Point and will begin at 10 a.m. My plan is  to finish my 100 miles in about 5.5 hours  - faster if I get some good drafting buddies.

If you're smarter than me, and don't think that 100 miles on a cold December Sunday sounds like the best idea, you can certainly join me for just a few laps.

It's a social ride, so come when you want...leave when you want.

All skill levels of riders, ages, women, men, and children are invited.  Feel free to break off into your own pacelines, work on your sprint, or just enjoy the day however you like.

Bike decorations and costumes are strongly encouraged and will amuse me as I complete my 100 mile journey.

We will be gathering at 9:30 at the cut-through (tour bus) parking lot at the southern end of Hains Point. This will be a gathering point throughout the day, so stop by when you start your Hains Point ride.

While we have some in-kind donations and some mechanically inclined volunteers, please be prepared with your own water, nutrition, bike tools, etc.

Hains Point 100 Ride Map

Thank you!

A hearty thank you to all the donors and to the following organizations for your in-kind  (and very kind) donations!