haiku resources

There are hundreds of books and websites which offer valuable resources and insights into the art of haiku and its related forms.  What follows is my short list of favorites so as not to overwhelm.


on crafting haiku:
  • The Haiku Handbook: How to Write, Share, and Teach Haiku                    by William J. Higginson w/Penny Harter 
    • a fabulous resource and key text on this poetic form (on Amazon)
  • Haiku: A Poet's Guide                                                                                   by Lee Gurga
    • if you are going to read just one book on the craft of haiku this is the one        (on Amazon)
  • Haiku-The Sacred Art: A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines                               by Margaret D. McGee
    • a marvelous guide on using haiku as a life-giving spiritual discipline ~ includes valuable practices at the end of each chapter (on Amazon)
  • The Haiku Anthology: Haiku and Senryu in English                              edited by Cor van den Heuvel
    • a delightful and inspiring collection of over 800 haiku and haiku related forms (on Amazon)
  • Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years                                            edited by Jim Kacian, Philip Rowland & Allan Burns (intro by Billy Collins)
    • a collected evolution of modern haiku in English (on Amazon)
  • The Essential Haiku: Versions of Basho, Buson, & Issa                                 edited by Robert Hass
    • three of the greats in one volume (on Amazon)
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Dec 6, 2015, 1:57 PM