Seabeck Haiku Getaway 2009 Registration Form

The fee for this weekend is as barebones as we can make it. It’s just $159 for meals, accommodations, and all retreat activities if you register by September 7, 2009 (or $175 after that date). Accommodates are shared. If you require a private room, fees may be slightly higher (please inquire). For day visitors (Saturday only, including lunch and dinner), the fee is $40 (or $49 after September 7, 2009). To register, print out this page, fill it in, and then send it with your payment, payable to “Tanya McDonald,” to:

Tanya McDonald 
16721 NE 29th St.
Bellevue, WA 98008 USA

Name                 ________________________________________________________

Street                 ________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip    ________________________________________________________

Phone                 ________________________________________________________

Email                 ________________________________________________________

Meal preference:    __ Nonvegetarian     __ Vegetarian
                            __ Other special diet: ________________________________
Full retreat:           __ $159 postmarked by September 7    __ $175 after September 7
Spouse rate:         __ $125 postmarked by September 7    __ $141 after September 7
(if spouse is not participating in retreat activities but needs just accommodations and meals)
Saturday only:       __ $40 postmarked by September 7     __ $49 after September 7
(Saturday fee includes lunch and dinner)
                            __ Here’s my donation to offset expenses: $______________
Include my email address in the retreat attendee list:   __ Yes   __ No

Please make checks payable to “Tanya McDonald”—thanks!

See you in Seabeck!