William Scott Galasso

Kirkland, Washington

William Scott Galasso is the author of eleven books of poetry, including his latest, Laughing Out Clouds, published in September of 2007. He’s been published in Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, England, Croatia, Romania, and throughout the United States, and participated in the reading of Eliot Weinberger’s What I Saw in Iraq, as the voice of Gen. Colin Powell. In January of 2007, he collaborated with the University of Washington group “Earth Now,” which sponsored a reading on ecology and the environment.

snowball fight
kids in their seventies
laughing out clouds

dogtags . . .
her fingers caress
his name

midsummer night
my toes, your heels
molding sand

smudge of fog
in the cave, in the cove
sound of breaking surf

one breath
the difference between
I am and I was