Mike Dillon

Indianola, Washington

Mike Dillon lives in Indianola, a small town on Puget Sound northwest of Seattle. He is publisher of Pacific Publishing Company, which owns six community newspapers in Seattle. Red Moon Press issued a book of his haiku, The Road Behind, in 2003. Bellowing Ark Press also published a book of his “regular” poems, Riverbank, in 2003 and will publish a new book of poems, That Which We Have Named, in March 2008. Two of his haiku appeared in the recent Baseball Haiku anthology from W.W. Norton.

the last kid picked
running his fastest
to right field

I came here:
wind in the reeds

flag-draped coffin:
one who set out in a crowd
returns home alone

not even an ironic

spring afternoon:
the barber spins me around
toward the mirror