Carole MacRury

Point Roberts, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is the main source of inspiration for Carole MacRury’s poetry and photography. Through her camera and pen, she seeks moments in nature that echo the human condition, although on occasion a senryu writes itself! Her photographs can be found on the covers of Modern Haiku and the Tanka Society of America’s quarterly journal, Ribbons. Her most recent publication is Snapshot Press’s Haiku Calendar 2008. She has enjoyed many publications in both international and North American journals and anthologies. Secretary/treasurer of the Tanka Society of America, she also works for and supports the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival’s annual international Haiku Invitational.

winter dusk
the old rowboat
fills with snow

late afternoon—
the fullness
of the cow’s udder

lilac in full bloom—
bees bumping
into bees

election results—
low-tide clams
spit seawater

summer cottage—
last year’s mosquitoes
still on the wall