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July 11, 2009 Joint Haiku Meeting

Haiku Northwest / Port Townsend Haiku Group Joint Meeting

at the home of Richard Lloyd

41 Robbins Road, Marrowstone Island, WA 98358



The Seattle-area members of Haiku Northwest and members of the Port Townsend Haiku Group meet jointly twice a year, once in the Seattle area, and once in the Port Townsend area. For this special haiku meeting, participants are invited to submit up to five unpublished haiku or senryu on the theme of “hats” to Christopher Herold at theheronsnest@cablespeed.com by June 30, 2009. If you wish to attend this event, please also RSVP to Christopher. Below is a schedule, plus directions to the home of Richard Lloyd on Marrowstone Island, near Port Townsend. We look forward to your participation at this event!





11:30 GINKO: We’d like to begin our joint meeting, as we traditionally have, with a ginko (sauntering about in search of haiku). The plan is to meet at Richard’s house and then either wander his property (5 acres) or a nearby beach.


1:00 LUNCH:

• Please bring your own lunch. After the ginko (haiku walk), we’ll return to Richard’s home and have lunch in his garden.



• Introductions and a round or two of haiku reading.

• Kukai: Haiku written during the ginko, shared anonymously, then voted on. A prize will be awarded.

• Critical round of haiku: offered anonymously into, yes, a hat.

• A surprise exercise and more round readings.


5:00 DINNER:

• For those interested and can stay, we’ll have dinner at a very quirky and entertaining local restaurant.




from Winslow (the Bainbridge Island ferry dock)


1. Continue straight from ferry terminal onto Olympic Dr SE/WA-305. Continue to follow WA-305. (13.5 miles)

2. Turn right to merge onto WA-3 N. (7.1 miles)

3. Turn left at WA-104 and cross the new Hood Canal Bridge. (6.7 miles)

4. Turn right at Beaver Valley Rd/WA-19. (9.1 miles)

5. Turn right at Chimacum Rd. (1.6 miles)

6. Turn right at Oak Bay Rd/WA-116. (0.9 miles)

7. Turn left at Flagler Rd/WA-116. (0.8 miles)

8. Slight right to stay on Flagler Rd/WA-116. (2.0 miles)

9. At T-intersection, don’t turn left towards Flagler State Park; instead, go straight ahead up the dirt road. Richard’s house is the first on the right. There’ll be signs. (0.1 miles)


See you on July 11, with your hat—and haiku—in hand!