HCA's Community Living

The Community Living Area will showcase local businesses that nurture the island’s sustainability.  

Mike Gagne is the co-founder of the event and also the Haiku Community Association (HCA) President. He and Tim Wolfe host the Community Living Booth where they showcase local businesses and non profit groups, Sierra Club, and Boy Scouts of America, to name a couple.

This is the second year where we are moving to a more sustainable event. Last year, we decided not to serve water bottles as we do not want to add to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It is an idea that is catching on. Of course, with the ban on plastic bags, we highly recommend you b.y.o.b. & b. (bring your own bag and bottle). 

Our theme this year is "Our Kuleana"  = our event is moving in the irection of sustainability and greener practices. As a school, we feel we have a responsibility to take the lead in this direction. We need to set an example. We need to be the change we want to see. Our children are watching.