Udi Manber, VP of Engineering, Google

Udi Manber is a vice president of engineering at Google, where he has been since 2006.  He started working on search in 1989 with the invention of Suffix Arrays (with Gene Myers), and then went on to design several search engines and other web tools while being a professor of Computer Science at the University of Arizona.  He left academia in 1998 and has run the search groups at Yahoo, Amazon, and Google.

Yossi Matias, Managing Director, Israel R&D Center, Google

Yossi Matias is a senior engineering director at Google and the head of Google's Israel R&D Center, with overall responsibility for Google research, development, and technology innovation in Israel. Under his leadership, the Israeli center has developed since 2006 visible and core technologies in the areas of Search, Data Analytics, Gmail, YouTube, and Internet scale infrastructure (some highlights here). He is also on the CS faculty of Tel Aviv University (on leave), and previously a research scientist at Bell Labs and a visiting prof at Stanford. He authored over 100 papers and is the inventors of over 25 patents. He is a recipient of the 2005 ACM-EATCS Godel prize and is an ACM Fellow. See also a full bio.