Measuring HIV Incidence and Prevalence in Washington, DC Challenges and Opportunities
Availability of high-quality data are essential for obtaining reliable estimates of HIV incidence and prevalence. Any estimates from one method alone are subject to substantial uncertainty/potential bias depending upon the assumptions on which the tool/method are based. More reliable estimates of HIV incidence and prevalence can be made by critically synthesizing multiple data sources using several procedures. When independent methods reach similar conclusions, confidence in the findings is bolstered. Triangulation/periodically corroboration of different methods/different data sources will strengthen interpretation and identify variations in HIV risks. This presentation briefly reviewed the epidemics of HIV/AIDS in Washington, DC and the United States, discussed a variety of methods to measuring HIV incidence/prevalence, including CDC advances in methods (extended back-calculation and BED-CEIA based estimation), and methods and data sources in Washington, DC for measuring HIV incidence/prevalence.
Yujiang Jia, MD, DrPH currently serves as the Chief Epidemiologist for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD and TB Administration Strategic Information Bureau in the Washington, DC Department of Health. He has broad experience in scientific research and public health practice with a focus on infectious diseases epidemiology, HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases, analyses of biological, behavioral and social risk factors in seeking most effective HIV intervention prevention, care, treatment strategies, surveillance and modeling, and substance use. Dr. Jia published more than 60 peer reviewed scientific journal articles and 2 book chapters. He currently serves as editorial reviewers for 13 scientific journals. He serves as DC site co-PI for TLC-Plus study (HPTN065), DC site co-Investigator for the National HIV Behavioral Surveillance Survey, and co-Investigators/consultants for several other grants. Dr. Jia serves the faculty member at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Dr. Jia benefited from some of the best education programs in both China and the United Sates. He received his MD (Preventive Medicine) in China and DrPH (Epidemiology) in the United States.
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Oct 19, 2011, 3:07 PM