An Interdisciplinary Problem Solving Framework to Facilitate Linkage to HIV Care

DC confronts a severe HIV epidemic. Access to HIV medical care is a critical component in controlling the HIV epidemic and improve people’s health in the District. This lecture will present the capstone project: A comprehensive, evidence-based client survey designed to capture barriers and enabling factors for linkage to HIV care services, including project purpose, evidence base, instrument design, and evaluation plan. This evidence based project utilized an interdisciplinary problem solving framework as well as guiding principles from the five core practice areas of public health to drive the energy and design of this culminating project. This tool has the potential of being used to inform the development of client-centered strategies and policies designed to increase linkages to care in DC.
Ms. Bethany Wilfert obtained her MPH and MSW from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in Saint Louis, where she focused her graduate studies on social and economic development, program design and evaluation, as well as community health and HIV. As a former social worker at a Washington DC based nonprofit which provides medical services for the homeless, Ms. Wilfert gained an understanding of the importance of community-based health as well as recognition of the realities of health disparities within the region. As a former McNair scholar, Ms. Wilfert conducted a needs assessment of youth services in post-war Sarajevo in 2004, and was the nationally chosen recipient of the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors (BPD) Summer Policy Fellowship in Washington DC, 2005. As an Intern at HAHSTA, Ms. Wilfert developed a comprehensive, evidence-based client access survey instrument and evaluation plan designed to capture factors that both facilitate and impede client linkage to HIV care. As part of her MPH culminating experience capstone project for Washington University in Saint Louis, Ms. Wilfert successfully completed her project.