Introducing the Haha`ione Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA)
We are a group of parents and community members committed to supporting the students, faculty, staff, and administration of Haha`ione Elementary School.

We Need Your Help!
Shrinking budgets, government mandates and ever-increasing requirements make delivering quality education to our keiki a constant challenge that we can only overcome as a community:
  • Join the PTSA by becoming a member: $25 for a Family Membership.
  • Donate to the PTSA:
    • All donations above your $25 membership fee are tax deductible!
    • A donation of $100 or more includes a PTSA Grinz Card, good for one free meal at each of the PTSA sponsored events throughout the year. YUM!
How Your Generosity Supports Haha`ione Through the PTSA
Encouraging growth of the "whole child": Your membership and donations provide financial support for the GLAD program as we know kids need more than just reading, writing and math! The Haha`ione GLAD program includes classes in STEM, Robotics, Digital Media, Japanese, Hawaiian Studies, Music, Physical Fitness, and Mindful Practices.

Supporting teachers and staff: We provide funds for critical teacher training that enables our teachers and staff to be among the best in the nation. Our perpetual status as an International Baccalaureate World School and Blue-Ribbon Award Winner could not happen without the dedication and training of our teachers and staff! We also provide teachers with resources to purchase supplies so they can upgrade their classrooms and fulfill special project requests throughout the year (i.e. "Friendship Bench" outside of the B building).

Hosting amazing school events: We organize and fund multiple school events that bring together our school community through leaning, laughter and of course - FUN! See our "PTSA Event Calendar" and "List of Events" pages for dates. (click the tabs on the top of this page)

New Enhancement Project for the Community: While it's a joy to see our kids enjoying previous community enhancement projects like our unique playgrounds, we are constantly brainstorming for new and innovative ways to support our amazing school. New projects on the horizon include: school-wide bulletin boards; a fitness trail; various school beautification projects; and upgrading our current library into a state-of-the-art school community resource center.

Estimated Budget for 2018-19:
Basic Needs for 2018-19:
$91,000 approx.
  • IB Support & Training GLAD Teachers
  • Teacher Resources Subsidy (for classroom supplies)
  • Assemblies/Field Trips
  • And Much, Much, MORE!
2018-19 Fundraising Focus: $40,000.-
Upgrading our current library to a "state-of-the-art" school community resource center!
Please join with us to make Haha'ione the best elementary school in the State and the best IB school in the world!

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