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About applying:

There are literally thousands of scholarships available nationwide.  We do all we can to provide you with resources to track many of these down (see links below).  

Use this site for direct information on the scholarships that you have the best odds of receiving.  These are local and regional scholarships provided by businesses, clubs, and trust funds.  The Wayne County Foundation has several scholarships for students in Wayne County that will be due on February 18 as well as the Henry County Community Foundation for those of you who reside in Henry County.  Some of these are specific to our school while others are county wide.  Please use the following website to apply for the county wide scholarships available through the Wayne County Foundation

There will be a number of scholarships specific to HHS due in April.  Some of these are funded through the Wayne County Foundation while others are funded by private trusts set aside specifically for HHS students.  PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THESE!  Remember names like Jayne Miller, Ruth Dutro, Byron K. Elliott, and Mary Hatfield-Jenkins.  There are also several scholarships in memory of past students and teachers such as the Nelson Harrison scholarship among many others.  These scholarships will be decided by people in our community and by school officials.  These are people who know you and they will look at your applications with keen interest.

The Lilly Endowment Scholarship (full ride to any Indiana college or university) is due in August of 2019.  It can be filled out through the Wayne County Foundation website  There is one available for Henry County residents and two available for residents of Wayne County.

Please read through all descriptions carefully and determine which scholarships relate best to your intended course of study and your future plans.  Some scholarships are specific to a course of study or have “preference” for certain qualifications. Some of these applications must be filled out online while others must be filled out on specific paper application forms.  Each scholarship has precise criteria that must be met.  If you do not qualify, do not apply. (i.e. If you are not going to study Nursing, do not apply for a Nursing scholarship).

Also pay close attention to where the applications need to go and when they need to be there.  Many of the applications are turned into the Guidance Office while others (such as the Jayne Miller for example) must be hand delivered or mailed to a specific location by the deadline.


Many of the applications are going to ask for the same or similar information.  Plan ahead by listing the activities in which you have been involved throughout your high school career including community activities and volunteer work.  Organizing this information will make the application process smoother. 

Start writing your personal essay now.  Depending on what is specifically asked within an application, this may need to be tweaked or revised but write something that describes your personal goals, ambition, but most importantly, your plan.  There is nothing wrong with adding a personal touch to your essay either.  If you have overcome odds or lived a particularly interesting life, work it in.

Scholarship decision committees are most impressed by students who have a well-thought-out plan of action.  This shows responsibility and determination…each an admirable personal quality.

For hand-written portions of scholarship applications, write neatly IN YOUR OWN HAND. For scholarships decided locally, it will be relatively easy to determine who actually did the work or had a parent do it for them.

It is helpful to number each page and to write your name next to the number.  If a large number of applications are received and pages get mixed up, you do not want yours discounted.

Additional information:

Some of these scholarships may be for $200 while others may be for much more.  Do the work and it will pay off.  Work as hard for the smaller amounts as you do for the larger amounts.  $200 can pay for a portion of tuition or an expensive book you don’t have to use student loan money to purchase.  $200 at 6% interest compounded on 20 years (typical student loan life) may end up equaling $652.41.  There is no point in this if you can avoid it.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is open now!  Many colleges determine internal scholarships based upon the information within the FAFSA.  If you do not complete the FAFSA on time, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars of FREE money.  

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to see Mrs. Arnold in the Guidance Office.

A word on winning:

We will work hard to ensure each winner has the address of the provider of the scholarships you win.  You should promptly write a “Thank You” letter to those behind the award.  In some cases, you will send thanks to the Wayne County Foundation and the staff there will pass the note(s) along.  In other cases, the scholarships are funded by local residents in memory of a lost loved one...this is very important to them.  IT IS CRUCIAL to send thanks for continued generosity of the donors and the longevity of the foundations that work to help you pay for college!  A little note of thanks may help fund another student in need next year and in years to come.

General Scholarship/College Info Use this site for comparing college costs, learn how to save for college, scout scholarships, and learn how to reduce your college debt. The State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana’s (SSACI) mission is to make college affordable through need-based grants and to allow choice by granting awards to those attending public, independent & proprietary colleges. SSACI attempts to increase college preparation through its Twenty-first Century Scholar program and by giving increased grant amounts to those graduating from high school with Academic or Technical Honors Diplomas.  This site has a great tool for comparing costs and different colleges.

Please check out the following website for scholarship info and to apply for the Indiana Association of School Psychologists Scholarship:

Check Back Often for Updates!!!!!