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Hagerstown Civil War Round Table, Inc.

PO Box 2155, Hagerstown, MD 21742-2155                   


                          Application for Membership                                         

Name:    _____________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________


Email:    _____________________________________________

                                                          Phone:     _____________________________________

I prefer to receive my newsletter via (Check one) ____Email  ____USPS

**Due to increasing costs of printing and postage, HCWRT encourages 

members who are able to access the Internet to receive the Bugle Call

via email. It is published September through May of each season.**

May the Membership and Board of Directors of HCWRT, Inc. call on you

for a few hours of service to the organization from time to time?  

(Check one)     Yes___       No____

It is understood that his application is subject to approval by the Board

of Directors of HCWRT, Inc. This application must be accompanied

by $40.00 which includes dues for one year and a one-time $10.00 

initiation fee. In the event this application is not approved,all money 

will be returned. It is further understood that the applicant agrees by 

his/her signature to abide by the constitution and bylaws of the HCWRT, Inc.

Additional Information:


Hobbies: __________________________________________________

Civil War Interests:  _____________________________________________________

Applicant Signature: __________________________Date: ________________

Date received: _______________       Date approved: ______________

By: _______________________________________________