2016-2017:  Microeconomics 1 - Individual Decision-Making and Market Equilibrium with Tristan Tomala in the Master in Economics, Paris Saclay (Polytechnique):

Solution to the homework (HW1)

Solution to the homework (HW2)

3. Producer Theory [slides] [problems] (solutions)

4. Partial Equilibrium [slides] [problems] (solutions) (homework)
Solution to the homework (HW3)

5. General Equilibrium [slides] [problems] (solutions)
Link to Mark Walker's lecture notes on Pareto efficiency (and other good notes)

6. Public Goods, Externalities [slides] [problems] (solutions)

7. Choice under Uncertainty [slides (1)] [slides (2)] [problems] (solutions)

8. Economies with Uncertainty and Financial Markets [slides] [problems] (solutions)

Paper: (SenJPE)