2018-2018: (Behavioral) Game Theory, Collège Universitaire, Sciences Po Paris and Reims. 

2017-2018 and 2018-2019: Behavioral Public Policy, School of Public Affairs, Sciences Po Paris. 

2014-2017: Advanced Microeconomics 
with Eduardo Perez and Tristan Tomala, Master in Economics
1. Choice Theory [slides] [problems]
2. Consumer Theory [slides] [problems]
3. Producer Theory [slides] [problems]
4. Partial Equilibrium [slides] [problems]
5. General Equilibrium [slides] [problems]
6. Public Goods, Externalities [slides] [problems] 
7. Choice under Uncertainty [slides (1)] [slides (2)] [problems] 
8. Economies with Uncertainty and Financial Markets [slides] [problems]
9. Social Choice [slides] [problems]