Published Papers  
-  Simple versus Rich Language in Disclosure Games, with Frédéric Koessler,
   Review of Economic Design, forthcoming. [Paper]
-  Truthtelling in Matching Markets, with Frédéric Koessler and Thomas Trégouët,
   Scandinavian Journal of Economics, June 2016[Paper][Appendix]
-  Full Disclosure in Decentralized Organizations, with Frédéric Koessler,
   Economics Letters, 2016, 138, 5-7. [Paper]
-  Certifiable Pre-Play Communication: Full Disclosure, with Frédéric Koessler and Eduardo Perez-Richet,
   Econometrica, 2014, 82(3), 1093-1131. [Paper][Appendix]
-  Centralizing Information in Networks
   Games and Economic Behavior, 2011, 72(1), 149-162. [Paper] 
-  Strategic Communication Networks, with Frédéric Koessler, 
   Review of Economic Studies, 2010, 77(3), 1072-1099. [Paper]

Working Papers
- Communication with Evidence in the Lab, with Eduardo Perez-Richet, submitted.
- The Streisand Effect: Signaling and Partial Sophistication, with Frédéric Koessler, submitted. 

In French 
- Coordination Stratégique et Connaissance Commune dans les Réseaux de Communication, with Frédéric Koessler, 
  Revue d'Economie Industrielle, 2006.