May 12, 2004  

Matt Stover holding a future  Raven ...not will see below

DH really messed up this pic....It's Baltimore Raven Ed Reed 

Cordell Stewart who no longer plays for the Ravens

Here he is at 17 months

2 1/2 years old

Captain Jack Sparrow at 3 years old

With some nesties...FutureMrsNDM and JennTim

I LOL every time I see this picture


Ezeekial at 5 weeks

Deezel and Zeek


Random Pics

From Left to right..Me, my friend Debra, and our friend "Nina Chantele" who you may know if your from Chicago

Here I am in the center of the Ravens Field

This pic is on the Raven's website somewhere

My Mom on our Annual Girl's Cruise 2007

This is the day before in South Beach

Random friends we met on our cruise

I am the second from the end

Pics from Linkin Park concert

This was a great shot!!!

Daytona Bike Week 2008

My new Tattoo

It was raining but at least we were stuck here


2012 was a very sad year for our family. On July 17th after returning home from a trip we took Ezeekial to the vet to find out he was battling lymphoma. We were told he had about 2-4 months left with us but on August 9th he lost that battle. Not a day goes by that our hearts don't break. Ezeekial will be remembered by everyone who knew him as the gentle giant. He was the poster child for pitbulls and it's a shame he had to be taken from us so soon. Not one person who met him didn't like him as he often times changed the minds of many people who "would never own a pitbull". 

We love you always Ezeekial   a.k.a. Zeek

Oct 21, 2006 - August 9, 2012

After losing Zeek we introduced Bodie to our family

My brother was married in are some pics of my family
My stepdaughter and my husband

My stepdaughter graduated and is going to college with just about a full ride to a very good liberal arts school where she will double major.
She's so full of talent she did this make up as well as took the pic all by herself

This was a clouded baby leopard that was from the Columbus Zoo flying on a SWA flight I was working  12/12/12

I told you I had a future Raven
He and his one chicken Rusteeta
He and I flew to Virginia Beach for the day with some friends