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GPU-based real-time soft tissue deformation with cutting and haptic feedback

Hadrien Courtecuisse, Hoeryong Junga, Jérémie Allard, Christian Duriez, Doo Yong Lee, Stéphane Cotin
PBMB 2010


This article describes a series of contributions in the field of real-time simulation of soft tissue biomechanics. These contributions address various requirements for interactive simulation of complex surgical procedures. In particular, this article presents results in the areas of soft tissue deformation, contact modelling, simulation of cutting, and haptic rendering, which are all relevant to a variety of medical interventions. The contributions described in this article share a common underlying model of deformation and rely on GPU implementations to significantly improve computation times. This consistency in the modelling technique and computational approach ensures coherent results as well as efficient, robust and flexible solutions.

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