Room Ambassadors 2014-2015

Sign up with your child's classroom teacher to be a PTO ambassador. The room ambassador helps by working with the classroom teacher to choose and put together the basket for the silent auction and by contacting parents for bake sale items at the Dodgeball tournament. The Room Ambassador also takes pictures for the yearbook of their child's classroom during special events or contacts another parent to take pictures. 

The PTO room ambassadors are....

Mrs. Jagels a.m.,   
Mrs. Jagels p.m.,    
Mrs. Lindbloom a.m.,   
Mrs. Lindbloom p.m.,    

Mrs. Blevins,  
Mrs. Boore,   
Ms. Brown,       

1st grade:
Mrs. Benso,    
Mrs. Brynds, 
Mrs. Gottlob,    
Mrs. Lechien, 
2nd grade: 
Mrs. Crespino,   
Mrs. Gillard,
Mrs. Kukovich, 
Ms. Ziegler, 

3rd grade   
Mrs. Harris,   
Mrs. Martin,    
Mrs. Oplotnik
Mrs. Sisney

4th grade:
Mrs. Logue,    
Mrs. Mein,  
Mrs. Montee,   
Mrs. Wutke,    

5th grade:
Mrs. Belcher,    
Mrs. Curran, 
Mrs. Knopp,
Mrs. Massa,