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Town and Clinic Soccer Update
The HTAA Soccer board decided last night at our meeting, it is in the best interest and safety to not move forward with a Clinic and Town season.  
With the number of registrants, there is no way we can safely social distance within the program and ensure the children’s and coaches safety.  
We apologize for the delay in the decision, as we were trying to work out a plan to safely play.

Thank you for your understanding…

HTAA Soccer Board


Registration website: www.htaasports.org
Soccer Website: HERE (sites.google.com/site/haddontownshipsoccer/home)

If you are new to Travel Soccer:

* Travel Soccer is an organized league that plays games on Saturdays (Girls) and Sundays (Boys) throughout southern NJ.  

* Games can start as early as 11am or as late as 3:30pm.

* You can travel as far north as upper Burlington County or south to Cape May.  

* Practices are held during the week and usually are twice a week.