HADAGERY, book of Elysium.

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Hadagery is the first in the series, with the book of Elysium. There are three more books planned in the future. Each world he will be someone different, having a whole new journey, and obstacles standing in his way.

The Hadge is a three foot high, hairy little devolved man. In every way he believes he is ordinary within his world, but in fact he is the only being capable of saving Elysium, or any other world that he may have been born within from the likes of Hell. Startling events are set into motion during a trip to Ennead Mountains, and Hadge comes to the conclusion that a book had beset Elysium into an age of darkness. A mysterious whispering book he discovers he cannot read, and is determined to find someone to reveal its secrets. Hadge journeys through the mountain where the deadly scyphus live, beyond the giant mountain troll that saves his life, and into the lost woods where his life is turned upside down. He at last identifies the voices from the book, as they read from the pages, telling Hadge he’s a divine being, and that sealing the book would be Elysium’s only hope for a future. Disturbingly to seal the book he has to journey straight into hordes of demons, and into the bowels of Hell, where he will be related a terrible fact, “Oh shit kid. You’re not even real.”

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HADAGERY, book of Canaan.

Hadagery, Book of Canaan can be found on the following link:   
https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/758595 or https://www.wattpad.com/story/97100890-hadagery-book-of-canaan
Hadagery is the second in the series, with the book of Canaan. There are two more books planned in the future. Each world he will be someone different, having a whole new journey, and obstacles standing in his way. 


Creee...eeee..eeee..ee. The door behind Hadlin creaked open. "That's impossible." He thought, "I barred that door shut." Then turned around just in time to hear it click shut again. Standing just inside the entrance was a blackened thing. Humanistic in shape. However what it could be was left up for question. Since it was covered in sludge. The grisly thing is that the creature was dragging a limp woman by the hair of the head. Hadlin could barely whisper, "Mom..." It dropped the body. Then stalked towards Hadlin. Was he going to die? What is going on? Taking a second look the creature, and the dead woman were gone. Just like awaking from a bad dream.

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HADAGERY, book of Eden. 

Hadagery, Book of Eden (Chapter 1: Welcome to Penumbra)
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Hadagery, Book of Eden (Chapter 1: Omloch...)
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HADAGERY, book of Nirvana.
In the future...  

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Macabre is a compilation of short stories. Stories I've written throughout the years, but do not intend to publish. Randomly I share my stories with those who care to read them.

List of titles below.

1) after dark,  2) annunaki,  3) Better off dead
4) Black city,  5) Children of Elmhearse
6) Dark stalven,  7) Death do us part,  8) desecrated
9) Dirty deeds,  10) Evil undone,  11) Exiled
12) Here in Sullen,  13) thirteen,  14) Into blackness
15) Out of blackness,  16) Just a story,  17) Macabre
18) Midnight knell,  19) My misfortune,  20) Notorious,  21) Out of place,  22) Red river,  
23) Sound of the journeymen,  24) A sudden shout,  25) The dead pan, 26) The mohowaanuck,  
                                  27) The unforgiven,  28) Vistaria  

Constantly adding new short stories. So many stories in my head and not enough time to write them all down.

 Short horror stories: 
excerpts from macabre.

They never thought she would lose

The Rapture
sign of the three moons

The Awakening

The Tribulation

Evil Undone

REd river

   Book of canaan


After Dark

Better off dead

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