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Geekgom on a shoestring



I'm gonna get moving on Hacks, etc after school ends.


Look for something mid June. 

Hello, Everybody! As you can see, this site doesn't really consist of much, but it's better than nothing, is it not?


 I apologize for the delays and lack of content, but life is busy (and I can't do a thing about it),  so the progress on this site will progress slowly.


I've got so many ideas and articles and tutorials I would love to write, however there aren't enough hours in a day for such things.  For now (until school finishes), new content will be limited to the articles in RT Magazine


RT Articles in the Works:

March Issue: HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray pt. 2

Next Issue: The OS wars (Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux)

Next Next Issue: The Rise of HD Radio

Next Next Next Issue: Why I still buy CDs and Vinyl

Next Next Next Next Issue: Where to get HD content 


Instructibles Projects in the Works:

DIY high gain UHF antenna

DIY high gain FM antenna

Installing  TV and FM antenas

DIY record cleaning machine

Articles for this site:

Maintaining Windows XP (wthout spending anything)

Syncing you iPod to Google Calender



Other sites I'm working on:

 A Wiki database of TV & FM reception hardware and related information.

The Wikipedia List of Radio Stations in Minnesota

The Hacks, etc... blog


A CD of test tones for system calibration.

The Hacks, etc... podcast (possibly)


RT Articles 

The Hacks, etc... Blog

Links to Great Resources


More to Come....