UPDATE [March,13/2012]

Ahh, nothing like an update after a long time!
Check out the research about Shoal Cave! It may give you ideas about using hour-timing events!

Hello guys, my name's Miguel and i'm a games's creator and 'Rom Hacker' which was known as Dark Rayquaza back in 2009, in Myutsu Forums. Now i'm known as Sonicarvalho in WaH and Sonic1 in PokeCommunity!

I created this site as my personal laboratory, in order to keep my tutorials and researches here. I'll be putting here things that i will not post on Forums, due to the complexity or other reasons i'll have!

So, i wont keep you more time on this introduction, so let's move on!!

Gotta Hack'em All!

Greetings, Miguel

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