Chapter 6 

Hackers, Heroes of the Computer Revolution

Winners and Losers were two classifications by hackers whereby they were the former, and the grad students were the latter because they were not able of hacking feats and could not understand about doing The Right Thing.

Hackers were initially against time-sharing systems because they felt that a system should be used to its fullest, and this could only be done by one person at a time. The time-sharing systems at the time were slow and imposed many restrictions on its users.

Greenblatt was convinced by Ed Fredkin that time-sharing systems could be more beneficial, so he set out, along with Nelson, to write a new time-sharing system for the PDP-6 called ITS, or Incompatible Time-sharing System.

This new system would allow many users to each run many programs at once. ITS allowed all users full access to all the files in the system, and it did not require any passwords. ITS continued to be improved by Greenblatt and the other hackers in an open fashion.