HackPro Monitor, analyze & maintain your network


Brief Description

HackPro is a utility developed for System Administrators and Software developers for the purpose of monitoring analyzing and maintaining their network. It consists of many functionalities that is necessary for the administrators to monitor and maintain their network.

It is developed upon concepts that have been used by hackers previously to monitor and attack the network.

How It Works

HackPro consists of two modules

1. HackPro.exe

2. HackServer.exe

HackPro.exe module consist of many utilities using which you can monitor and manage your corporate network. It also gives various networks statistics related to TCP/IP protocol. Apart from the network monitoring tools HackPro also contains TCP port scanner, Physical Address Tabulator and Denial of Service Attacks.

Another Module HackServer is capable of controlling and configuring the system on which it is running but it does not have any User Interface, but it serves those functionalities through a Socket (TCP Based) so the HackPro Module can connect this through TCP Socket.

HackPro Module connects to the HackServer via the Socket and Provides the complete control of the system on which HackServer is running. So that network administrator can control any system on the network from single computer. HackPro can connect to multiple Computers(hackservers) at time.

Minimum System Requirement

1.      Pentium-4 @ 1.7GHz

2.      RAM 128MB

3.      Windows NT

4.      Ethernet network card.

5.      LAN.

How to use this software

Since HackPro is developed for System Administrators and Software developers it requires the High privileges to run on any machine. So before running this be sure that you logged on as the administrator (or any administrative account) on the system. Now follow these steps.

Run the HackPro.exe
You will get all the utilities required to manage network. You can browse through those utilities via the tree control in left side of the HackPro. 
You can also connect to the (locally/remotely) hack server to get extra functionality for controlling the machine.