Enhance your life by developing free healthy regular habits that lead to:

                                        Personal Inner Well-being
                                                Becoming Calm
                                Achieving Stability of Mind/heart

These can calm and stabilise us, giving us healthier coping techniques for when things get really ‘tough’.

FREE but a regular routine with passionate self-discipline is necessary to make them familiar daily Healing Habits.

Experience indicates that each of us seek a meaningful purpose in life and a Balanced lifestyle is needed for this: these Healing Habits will ensure that. 

                                        ... are you up to the challenge?

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 Kate Blake had a professional career helping the dying and those with trauma for decades.  An Aussie who has traveled extensively and resided in Germany, UK, NZ and India.  She took time out to conquer her destructive thoughts and emotions accidently unleashing her creativity so now she blogs and does freelance writing and photography, website.