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Do it yourself

Pictures are scalable!

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Topsy tail - hair flip tool

  •  remove the coat of your cable or use a wire
  • align both ends and twist them around each other
  • use tape to seal the handle
  • cut the end and smooth it with multiple layers of nail polish

Paranda - Indian "hair extensions" for braids and braided buns out of wool

  • you can choose wool similar or contrasting to your hair color
  • how many strands of wool you need depends on you hair thickness and your preference
  • measure the length of your ponytail and add about 10-15cm/4-6inches to this length; your wool strands have to be twice as long as this
  • I use my table plate (90cm/35inches) to wrap the wool around (number have to be divisible by three), then I cut the strands on one end, so I get 180cm/70inch long strands (if you have no suitable item to wrap the wool around, you can simply measure the size you need)
  • divide your strands in 3 equal parts and fold them in half
  • use the loop ends to knot all 3 strands together (like in the last 3 pictures to the right)
  • you can decorate the ends with tassels (traditional), pearls or other stuff; or just leave it like this if you want to wear them in buns (like I do)
Usage (my way to do it):
  •  I place the joint of the Paranda in the back of my neck, one strand over each shoulder and one down my back
  • I part my hair, add the left Paranda strand to the left strand of my hair and the right Paranda strand to the right strand of my hair
  • the joint of the Paranda is now right beneath the middle strand
  • normal braiding (every strand of hair is thickened by the Paranda)
  • I finish the braid by wrapping 2-3 single wool strand around the braid and tie them to 2-3 other wool strands



 Sleeping bonnet

  • you can use different fabrics for the inside and the outside of this bonnet
  • use silk or satin or another smooth fabric for the inside; for the outside, you can use every (thin) fabric you want (nice color, pattern, etc) I just use the same fabric for the inside and outside
  • measure your head from the front hairline to the neck and add 5-10cm/2-4inches to this number (this determines how much room you have in your bonnet)
1&2) Draw and cut a square with this side length

3&4) fold it 2 times and draw a quarter of an arc and cut it (I do this freehand, but if you're unsure, use a string to draw the arc)

5,6&7) Use the first circle as template for the second one (use your second fabric if you want)

8&9) pin both pieces wrong side to each other and sew along the edge, but leave a 5inch opening

10) turn the piece inside out and iron the seam

11&12) pin the edge again and sew a second round about 3/4 or 1 inch from the outside (depending on the size of your elastic band)
  •  Measure around your head (where the elastic of your bonnet would be); your elastic band have to be about 1inch shorter
13,14&15) Use a safety pin to insert the elastic band into the seam and use a zigzag stitch to sew both ends together

16) hand sew the opening together

17&18) finished! :)