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In this category I show how I trim my hair to obtain the hair at a good (looking) health ;). By trimming yourself, you make sure that you sacrifice only that much hair you want to and it saves a lots of money ;).

IMPORTANT: Whenever you cut your hair, use a SHARP hair cutting scissor!

"Search & destroy" method

Instruction for reducing split ends without loosing length.

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1) It's best to work in sections. I usually start with my lowest hair (and secure the rest) and work up.

2) I take a small section and comb it through

3) I wrap my hair over my mid
dle finger like this, and run my fingers slowly down my hair.

4) While I do so, some shorter ends of my hair will stick out of this loop and stop to I cut the split ones
and move on

5) Another way of finding split ends, are to twist your strand tightly and look for split ends that stick out

6) To cut the ends, I fan them out between my fingers and search for split ends to cut

In this way, I work on the entire lower section. After that I tie this section and work on the next section.

TIP: Good light is essential for this method and it's helpful to use a light (for dark hair) or a dark (for light hair) background, thus it's much easier to spot the split ends.

Self trim, Feye's method

Instruction for cutting a blunt, U- or V-cut yourself. I cut 2 times a year around 2inches.