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Hair measurement

It's difficult to measure the length of your hair for (monthly) comparison especially if your hair isn't all at one length. Following method doesn't yield the REAL length of your hair, but results are more accurate and comparable than other methods. And you can easily calculate your real length out of your results.

The trick is that you start to measure from your front hair line, so you have a fix starting point. In contrast, if you measure from the end of your parting to your ends, the results depends on how your parting lays, so the results are not very accurate.

Step 1:

Lay your measuring tape on your front hairline

Step 2:

Lead the tape over the back of your head towards the ends.

Step 3:

Move your hand along the tape and hair (make sure that the hair is straight) till you reach the ends of your hair.
At the point you lost the last hairs out of your hand, hold the tape, bring it to the front and read off the result.

To calculate your REAL hair length out of these results, just subtract the length of your parting from your first measuring, the result is your real hair length.