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I'm 4th year undergraduate student of Computer Engineering(Software) at Shahid Beheshti University

(2003 - Present)

Places I've studied:

Elementary : Shahid Fahmide - Gonabad (1991-1996)

Guidance School : Shahid Heshemi Nejad - Gonabad (1996-1999)

High School : Mollamozafar Gonabadi - Gonabad, High School Diploma in Mathematics and Physics (1999-2003)

 My DBLP page and Amin in Google Scholar.

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Awarded for painting and hand-drawing (1991, 1995)

3rd place in guidance school entrance exam and 1st place in high school entrance exam (1995, 1998) 

 Fifth place in scientific challenge among over 2 thousand participants at third year of guidance school. (1997)

First place in fifth Kharazmi festival, see here(saved). (2002)

I entered university as an exceptional talent. (2003)

I was member of SBCe robocup team.We won second place in RoboCup 2006 3D Development league held at Bremen,Germany .see roboCup official site(saved) and robocup 2006(saved) and Simlulation league page (saved) and SBU site (saved)  and a saved video(2006)

Second place in RoboCup 2006 3D Development league held at Atlanta,Georgia, USA(Zigorat Team). See robocup simulation league official site(saved) and RoboCup Official site(saved)(2007)

Member of Iranian National Elites' Foundation(2007)



I was one of the founders of Asr-e- Novin-e- Gonabad Co. (1998)

Participation in third Kharazmi festival.  (1999)

Qualification in national university entrance exam among over 1.5 million participants,for Computer Engineering major in Shahid Beheshti University. (2003)

I was a member of SBU Scientific Comittee and SBU Security Group. (2003)

I was a member of SBU Administration team, and responsible for the dedicated netword server. (2004)

Some experiencesin ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), see UVA,Spoj,Asia Regional (2005)

 Some robocup experiences,see here. (2005 - 2006)

I'm developer of the TeamAssistant project,used for RoboCup 2006.for more information,refer to (2006)

Technical Committee member of IranOpen 2006,see iranopen site(saved) and soccer league site(saved) (2006)

Technical Committee member of IranOpen 2007,see iranopen 2007 site(saved) (2007) 

Some contributions to RoboCup soccer 3D server (2007) 

Current and Ongoing

Developing EFQM standard automation system for Tehran Petroleum Refinery, ASP.Net/C# (2006-Current)

Developing Preventive maintenance automation system for Tehran Gas Company, ASP.Net/C# (2007)

Developing Project Management Body of Knowledge automation system for Tehran Gas Company, ASP.Net/C# (2007)

 Teaching Experience

Visual Basic, C++, Assembly Training Courses in Jahade Daneshgahi and Iran Afraz Institute. (2004)

Teacher Assistant of Compiler Course (Dr. Ghasem Jaberipour) (2008)


Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence, Multi-AgentSystems, Machine Learning, Robotics, Neural Networks, Computer Networks, Network Security.



Eslam Nazemi, Mohammad Alinia, Amin Habibi S., Fazezeh Bahmani, Bahador Nooraei B.,SBCe Smart Spheres 2005 3D team description paper,RoboCup 2005 Osaka.  (download)

Eslam Nazemi, Bahador Nooraei B., Amin Habibi Shahri, Ahmad Hosseingholizadeh, Vahid Kazemi,SBCe Smart Spheres 2006 3D team description paper,RoboCup 2006 Bremen. (download)

Eslam Nazemi, Vahid Kazemi, Amin Habibi Shahri, Ahmad Hosseingholizadeh, Bahador Nooraei B.,SBCe Smart Spheres 2006 3D Development team description paper,RoboCup 2006 Brmen. (download)

 Amin Habibi Shahri, Amir Mehzad, Mohammad Elahi, and Ali Almasi Monfared, Zigorat 2007 Development Team Description, RoboCup 2007 Atlanta. (download)

Amin Habibi Shahri,Ali Almasi Monfared,Mohammad Elahi, A deeper look at 3D soccer simulations, RoboCup 2007 Symposium, Atlanta. (Presented in RoboCup Symposium 2007 Atlanta, USA - Also published in Springer)

Amin Habibi Shahri, An Introduction to a new commentator for RoboCup 3D Soccer Simulation, (Presented in SIMPAR 2008 Venice, Italy - Also published in Springer)

As a refrence, you can find copies of my certificates here.