Chapter 6, Billets and MOS.

-Welcome to this tutorial, my name is Google-AK47.

-This tutorial is for all Habbos that don't know what is a MOS.

-In US Army, there are a lot of different MOS.

-MOS stands for Military Occupational Specialty.

-I'll explain you 4 main MOS.

-First, TRADOC.

-TRADOC stands for "United States Army Training And Doctrine Command".

-TRADOC is established 1 July, 1973.

-Their main job is to train new recruits.
-Also, if you want to be Drill Sergeant, you will have to talk with TRADOC officer.

-Next, we have FLD.

-FLD stands for Foreign Liaison Directorate.

-Their job is making allies with other armies and declaring a warfare with other armies.  

-Next MOS is MP.

-MP stands for Military Police.

-MP job is maintenance of HQ.

-Also, they are responsible for investigations in army/navy. 

-Next, and last one in Military Intelligence.

-Millitary Intelligence job is collecting and analyzing informations about/for other army.

-Also, on Habbo, Military Intelligece are only hackers and experienced guys with laptops and computers.

-Basically, Intelligence have a job with datas, forums, documents,...

-There, remember this 4 MOS, beacuse you'll need that knowledge in almost every army.

(C) Copyright - Google-AK47