Habbo FBI Ranks

Starter ranks:
00. Cadet 
01. Guard 
02. Officer III 
03. Officer II 
04. Officer I 
05. Field Officer III 
06. Field Officer II 
07. Field Officer I 
08. Open Source Officer 
09. Advanced Officer III 
10. Advanced Officer II 
11.Advanced Officer I
12. Analyst
13. Linguistic Analyst
14. Information Technology Security Analyst III (IT Security Analyst III)
15. Information Technology Security Analyst II (IT Security Analyst II)
16. Information Technology Security Analyst I (IT Security Analyst I)
17. Intelligent Helper

Regional Security Officer:
18T. Trial RSO
18. Security Officer III
19. Security Officer II
20. Security Officer I
21. Security Consultant III
22. Security Consultant II
23. Security Consultant I
24. Security Generalist III
25. Security Generalist II
26.Security Generalist I
27. Lever Operator III
28. Lever Operator II
29. Lever Operator I
30. Global Security Controller III
31. Global Security Controller II
32. Global Security Controller I
33. Assistant Chief Security Operator (Assistant C. Sec. Operator)
34. Chief Security Operator

- Receive abilities to train Cadets to become Guard or Officer III.

35T. Trial Trainer
35. Trainer III
36. Trainer II
37. Trainer I
38. Corporate Trainer III
39. Corporate Trainer II
40. Corporate Trainer I
41. Instructor III
42. Instructor II
43. Instructor I
44. Instructor Specialist
45. Training Consultant
46. Junior Trainer
47. Senior Trainer
48. Trainer's Supervisor
49. Academic Director

Personal Assistant (special rank given to RSOs & Trainers for rank boost) (they can train and work security):
43x. <F.B.I> Username's PA <G1> <ID>
44x. <F.B.I> Username's PA <G2> <ID>
45x. <F.B.I> Username's PA <G3> <ID>
46x. <F.B.I> Username's PA <G4> <ID>
47x. <F.B.I> Username's PA <G5> <ID>
48x. <F.B.I> Username's PA <G6> <ID>
49x. <F.B.I> Username's PA <G7> <ID>
When a PA Grade 7 (G7) gets promoted, they become LCU - Novice Guider III

Legal Compliance Unit:
50.T. Trial LCU
50. Novice Guider III
51. Novice Guider II
52. Novice Guider I
53. Legal Guider III
54. Legal Guider II
55. Legal Guider I
56. Intelligent Asset
57. Corporate Assistant of RSO
58. Corporate Assistant of Training
59. Counselor
60. Chief Assistant (C. Assistant)
61. Compliance Assurance III
62. Compliance Assurance II
63. Compliance Assurance I
64. Chief Guider (C. Guider)
65. Main Representative of High Ranks

High Ranks/Leaders:
66T. Trial HR
66. Special Agent
67. Special Agent In Charge
68. Staff Operations Specialist
69. Intelligence Analyst
70. Chief Analyst (C. Analyst)
71. Forensic Examiner
72. Secretary of Internal Affairs (Secretary of Int. Affairs)
73. Secretary of National Defense
74. Secretary of Public Safety
75. Head Secretary
76. Specialist Manager
77. Operations Manager
78. HQ Manager III
79. HQ Manager II
80. HQ Manager I
81. Manager
82. Jr. Manager
83. Sr. Manager
84. Executive Manager
85. Assistant Head Manager
86. Deputy Head Manager
87. Head Manager
88. Lector Officer
89. Jr. Consultant
90. Sr. Consultant
91. Division Chief (Division C.)
92. Section Chief (Section C.)
93. Executive Chief (Executive C.)
94. Deputy Director of Communications (Dep. Director of Com.)
95. Director of Communications (Director of Com.)
96. Associated Lector
97. Main Lector
98. Chief Lector (C. Lector)
99. High Rank Supervisor
100.High Rank Administrator (High Rank @dmin)
101. Junior High Rank
102. Senior High rank

Professional Staff:
103T. Trial PS
103. Finance Associate
104. Administrative Analyst (@dmin Analyst or AA)
105. Management Specialist
106. IT Specialist
107. Evidence Technician (ET)
108. Legal Administrative Specialist (LAS)
109. Telecommunications Specialist (TS)
110. Staff Specialist (SS)
111. Security Intelligence At Base (SIAB)
112. Professional Staff Overseer
113. Professional Consultant

Special Detective Unit:
114T. Trial SDU
114. Inspector Trainee
115. Main Inspector
116. Detective Officer III
117. Detective Officer II
118. Detective Officer I
119. Patrol Officer
120. Assistant Chief Detective
121. Professional Special Detective
122. Junior Detective Officer
123. Senior Detective Officer
124. Crime Outlook
125. Deputy Chief Detective
126. Chief Detective (C. Detective)

Board of Directors:
127T. Trial BOD
127. Security Department Associated Director (Sec. Dept. Assoc. D.)
128. Rules and Regulations Department Associated Director (R&R Dept. Assoc. D.)
129. Training Department Associated Director (T. Dept. Assoc. D.)
130. Legal Compliance Unit Associated Director (LCU Assoc. D.)
131. High Rank Unit Associated Director (HR Unit Assoc. D.)
132. Professional Staff Associated Director (PS Assoc. D.)
133. Special Detective Unit Associated Director (SDU Assoc. D.)
134. Assistant Corporate Director
135. Corporate Director
136. Assistant Director Consultant
137. Director Consultant

Senior Leadership Council:
138T. Trial SLC
138. Solicitor of SLC
139. SLC Security Correspondent
140. SLC Consultant
141. SLC Training Correspondent
142. SLC Transportation Correspondent
143. SLC Treasury Correspondent
144. SLC Defense Correspondent
145. SLC Presidential Correspondent
146. SLC Comm. Correspondent
147. Advisor To SLC (ATS)
148. SLC Law Correspondent
149. SLC Legislative Officer
150. Assistant Head Senior Leader
151. Associated Head Senior Leader
152. Deputy Head Senior Leader
153. Head Senior Leader

Office of Administration (OOA):  
153T. Trial OOA
154. Information Collector 
155. OOA Public Relations Officer (Pub. Relat. Off.) 
156. OOA Policy Advisor 
157. OOA Special Advisor 
158. OOA Secretary 
159. OOA Treasurer 
160. OOA Main Staff 
161. Assistant Chief Director (Assistant C. Director) 
162. Associated Chief Director (Assoc. C. Director) 
163. Deputy Chief Director (Deputy C. Director) 
164. Chief Director (C. Director) 
165. Internal Affair’s Overseer 
166. Fair Treatment Overseer 
167. Economic Balance Reviewer 
168. Problems Highlighter 
169. Officer of Issues Special Treatment 
170. Manager of Issues Special Treatment 
171. OOA's Assistant Head Manager 
172. OOA's Associated Head Manager
173. OOA's Deputy Head Manager 
174. OOA's Head Manager
175. Promotions Management Officer
176. Promotions Management Chief (Promo. Management C.)
177. Jr. Special Chief Manager Overseer
178. Sr. Special Chief Manager Overseer
179. Assistant Director of Management
180. Deputy Director of Management
181. Junior Director of Management
182. Senior Director of Management

Senior Management (SM):
183. Criminal Overseer
184. Press Associator  
185. Economic Leader
186. Communication Adviser 
187. Asst. Chief Adviser  
188. Chief Adviser

Top Management (TM):
Executive Overseers:
Acting Owners: 
Joint Owner: