Demystifying Cuban Taxi Services - Tours on classic cars in Cuba

When on a whirlwind tour of Cuba, using our classic cars becomes mandatory. This is because we are the only one who offers one-day tours to Vinales, Varadero, or Trinidad. We also have a personalized taxi service which can take you anywhere in Cuba, for as long as you want. You can therefore, book your transfers and sightseeing excursions in Cuba through our outlets and you will get a neat discount. We have Havana airport taxi service and other services. Our offerings span all the verticals. This means, our services cater to the needs of people of varying tastes.

We offer services across the board. Our Habana airport transfers are what fables are made of. While you are in transit to the airport from your hotel or any other destination, we will show you all the sights and sounds of Cuba, which you missed out in your tour.  This service is unique to us. We can offer this service because we have the well-equipped drivers to do this. Our services span across people of all age groups and across all caste and creed. We do not distinguish between our customers. For us, a customer is a customer, and we provide personalized service to every customer approaching us.

We have the best selection of classic cars in the country of Cuba. This enables us to provide our customers with stylized services. We also provide services for marriages. Our vintage cars help our marriage customers convey an image in society. Our marriage customers come to us with requests of special cars and we fulfill them. If we cannot fulfill any request, we do not take up the order. Our classic Habana airport transfers service is selling like hot cakes. However, we do not wish to rest on our laurels. We perform a PUC check of our cars all the year round. We weed out all those cars which have outlived their life.

In order to give our customers excellent service, we have to be on our toes. All our drives and other staff are also well trained to provide the level of service that we desire. This is the main reason why we prefer to train our own staff. Only we are aware of what is required in performing the duties required at our offices. Therefore, we prefer to train our staff ourselves. Our Havana airport taxi service is also a money-spinner. These services were started with much fanfare, only after adequate research was done on their viability. Our research and the results matched and we are doing very well now.


Thus, through this article, we have demystified our car services for our customers. This article also figures on our website so that our readers can visit our site and go through the same. All our cars and our services are top class what with our insistence to train our staff ourselves. This initiative has paid off for us and we are reaping the fruits of the decision taken by our top bosses.


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