About HABA

Pats Win 11th AFC Title!
HABA & Lions Club Win!
You Can Win!

$500 at the end of the 1st
$750 at halftime
$500 at the end of the 3rd
$1,500 at final

HABA is teaming up with the Lions Club again this year for a Super Bowl Square pool for the benefit of both groups.

This annual event has been a long-standing fundraiser for the Holliston Athletic Boosters Association and all of the sports programs that HABA supports, as well as for our Holliston Lions Club partner.  HABA asks that each HHS sport buy at least one square.  In past years HABA teams have won.  Winter track won twice in the same game and bought an indoor finish line timing system!

Here's how it works:

  • A board is randomly created and the squares are identified by pairing the vertical column (representing NFC teams) with the the horizontal column (representing AFC teams).
  • Payouts are $500 at the end of the first quarter, $750 at halftime, $500 at the end of the third, and $1,500 at final score*.
  • Squares are $100 each, and may be purchase by individuals or by any number of people in a group (with a single point person.) Join forces within your HHS team, book club, neighborhood, adult sports teams, fitness class, dog walking group, work friends—anyone 18 and over may participate. 
  • We ask that all HHS teams try to sell at least one square. 
  • Squares cannot be saved in your name - no payment, no square. Checks should be provided as soon as possible, but must be received prior to game time on February 3rd.
  • Checks should be made payable to "Holliston Lions Club" and may be turned in to Lori Geoffroy, or to any HABA board member or team liaison. (Please visit our web site for liaison information.)  Squares may also be purchased online http://hollistonlions.org/superbowl-squares/  You can reach Lori Geoffroy at lgeoffroy@verizon.net, or by texting Lori at 508-735-0868.  Give your square a name and provide her with one contact name and email.
  • On game day, a drawing will be conducted at 1:30pm at Casey's to fill in the the board. Participants are welcome to attend, watch the numbers fill in and share free appetizers.  Once the board is complete, a photo will be posted on the HABA website and emailed to all liaisons.
  • Watch the game, watch your numbers, and [hopefully] win!
Our Mission

The mission of the Holliston Athletic Boosters Association (HABA) is to provide opportunities for parents, alumni, and friends to support all interscholastic sports teams at Holliston High School.  HABA shall be an agent for encouraging emphasis on participation and good sportsmanship. The mission shall be accomplished by providing financial and other types of support to all interscholastic sports teams at HHS using funds raised and distributed at the discretion of the board of directors.

Who We Are

HHS Parent Volunteers are active members of HABA

  • 5 Member Board
  • 26 Team Liaisons support all boys and girls sports

Countless contributors/volunteers

Over 175 members in 2016-17

HABA Contacts

Board Members

        President - Lori Geoffroy

        Vice President - OPEN

        VP Membership - Tia Bush

        Treasurer - Marybeth Labb

        Secretary - John Ratcliffe


        Concessions - Marybeth Labb & Jill Sykes      

        Spirit Wear - Mary Killelea      

        Website -  Jill Sykes

        Team Photos - Kris Karpinksi

        Team Certificates - Bonnie Zapolin

HHS Administration         

        Athletic Director, Matt Baker

        HS Principal, Nicole Bottomley

What We Do

Derive funds to support the HHS Athletic Programs via:

  • HHS Athletic Concessions
  • Various Fundraiser(s)
  • Annual HABA membership contributions
  • Donations

HABA distributes its funds in a variety of ways to support the athletic programs:

  • Provide 2-$500 scholarships to college bound senior athletes that have been HABA members.
  • Team Funding Requests (funding request form)
  • Recent projects include field improvements, banners, press box, team chairs, Hudl Software, safety netting, training equipment, etc...
  • Athletic Banquets – HABA will contribute up to $75 for end-of-season banquets (team expense form)
  • Flowers for senior game day ($10 per senior) (expense form)
  • Reimbursing teams for approved expenses from the new Concession Credit program (concession reimbursement form)
  • Special athletic achievement awards (funding guidelines) (expense form)

Other HABA services & equipment

  • HABA Canopy Tents (10' x 10') - provides coverage (sun/rain coverage) for outdoor events (2 available)
  • Photo reprints -- HABA provides the option to order team photo reprints at the team banquet for $10 per 5 x 7 print.  These are the photos taken by Henry Studios for the yearbook.
  • Participation awards – HABA provides the participation awards given to athletes at the team banquet
  • Hudl Coaching/Recruiting Software

    Join HABA now

    $25 per year/student
    $80 to pay all 4 years at once

    HABA Meetings 2018-19
    at 7pm in room 512 
    across from AD office 

    Sept 11
    Nov 13
    Jan 9
    Mar 26
    May 14