Haarlem ? Never heard of

                                                                                       Well, here it is:                                  

The city's coat of arms
Vicit vim virtus:  Virtue conquered force

The coat of arms of Noord-Holland


Oneindig Noord-Holland, maakt verborgen verhalen zichtbaar

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Hi, you're on this site made by Eric, welcome !

This site is meant to show some pictures of the city 
grew up and live in.
Haarlem is the capital of the province of Noord-Holland, 
situated in the West / North-West of The Netherlands.
The city is about 15 miles West from Amsterdam (also 
situated in Noord-Holland), which is the capital of  
The Netherlands, although the Dutch government works 
in Den Haag (The Hague). Can you still follow ? 
I just can't.
a lot more than I can, so just try the link for yourself. 
I hope you like the pictures, (I made them myself) and 
they are free to use. 
But I wouldn't mind if you give me credit if  you do.


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