Homeschool Academic and Arts Class Day

classes are held @ 32445 US Hwy 281 N. Bulverde, Texas 78163

mailing address: P.O. Box 593512, San Antonio, TX 78259


Registration for Returning Students Begins on April 1, Followed by Open Registration on April 15. Stay Tuned for Details About Our Virtual Open House.

Bulverde, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas are blessed with a plethora of options in homeschool class days and co-ops to help you meet the educational needs of your children. Each has a different personality, complete with its own goals, rules and norms. 

Homeschool Academics and Arts Class Day offers weekly classes for middle and high school homeschooled students. We strive for our core classes to provide an opportunity for our students to be well prepared for a Tier One college. 

Our HAAC Day philosophy is to keep "home" in "homeschooling".  HAAC Day is a wonderful tool that parents can use in educating their children, but parents will always remain the primary educators and are responsible for ensuring that all assignments are completed.

All of the tutors at HAAC Day are Trinitarian Christians. We do not require statements of faith from participating families, nor do we teach theology, though God is always recognized as the Creator of all and as the source of all knowledge.

HAAC Day has an open campus and will not be ideal for all students.  Please be sure to review our behavioral expectations in order to determine if HAAC Day is a good fit for your family. You and your student(s) are welcome to sit in and observe the classes you are considering.

Teacher approval must be obtained to place a student in a class intended for an older age group or for a student to join a class after the school year has already begun. Students must be functioning academically and emotionally at the intended grade level of the class to enroll in the class.

May God be with you in your discernment for the best educational choices for your family!

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