Testing Google Page Creator

a.k.a. GeoCities Web 2.0 

 Google Page Creator is basically a WYSIWYG html editor allowing anyone to create its own webpage. This is just a test page with some random content to try out all the predefined WYSIWYG features.

You can have bold, italics but apparently no underlined text (there's no button for it, so you can't use it :P). Of course you can change colors of the text you enter... but not the background color, which is automatically set once you select a predefined layout.  Text can be small, normal, large or huge, as you like... and the usual six standard font types are supported: Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New, Georgia, Trebuchet and Verdana. you can insert links and images 

 Both the wizards provided to add links and images are useful, but something like http://pages.gooogle.com will be considered an "invalid link" (no www?) and although images can be added quite easily either by providing their url or by uploading them, positioning is another matter: you can drag and drop the damn thing, but only in pre-defined places and with pre-defined alignments... good effort, but newbies won't like it.

Then what... oh yes:

  • lists
  • are
  • supported

 But only with predefined bullets.

Pretty basic for now, but promising. After all, it's a Beta and knowing google it will probably remain in this stage for a few years :P