Mod tutorial


The images:

The pngs are important for this are:

  • 10 arrow_x.png
  • rockmeter_bottom.png
  • rockmeter/j_hi/low/med

The 10 arrows are for 10 different states of the rockmeter, arrow 10 is drawn when the rock meter is full, while arrow 1 shows, when the player is about to fail.

The rockmeter_bottom.png was created for covering the bottom of the arrow. It does not change, so you can use it to draw fixed parts, that are always at the same position.

The rockmeter hi med and low pictures display the amp in the 3 different states of the rock meter. hi will be shown, when the current rock meter is higher than 2/3 of the maximum power, low when its below 1/3, and med when its inbetween them.

Now to the repositioning of the bars. As a reference, use the theme.ini from the goodies folder included in my mod. The values in there, are those that are used in the rock meter graphics that come with my mod.

The options for each meter are the same, x, y, scale and newdraw, the bars you can customize are the following:

  • Score
  • Streak
  • Jurgen Power
  • Multiplicator


For the 3 values, you can enter float values, for example 0.42.

The x value will determine the placement along the x-axis of the screen. Higher values will place the graphic further to the right, lower values further to the left. 0 should be the left border and 1 should be the right border of the screen.

The y value determines the placement on the y-axis. Higher values will place it further to the bottm, lower value further to the top. 0 should be the the top of the screen, while 1 should be the bottom.

With the scale value you can increase or decrease the size of your display.

"value_newdraw" allows you to change, if you want to place the bars on your own. If you set it to False, the bar will be displayed in the old fashin in the top right corner of the screen.

This image shows you which bar is which, as wel as examples for the placement: