Privacy Policy

This page is just legal mumbo jumbo... enjoy?

Personally, I do not collect ANY information about you (the visitor), unless you contact me (then I have a record of whatever information is in your email). 

Unless you give me explicit consent, I do not share personal information about any visitor with anybody.  PERIOD!

However, this site is hosted by Google.  Although I do review web site statistics (gathered by Google) on random occasions, the information is an average from all visitors -- NOT information that personally identifies you.

In detail, Google may gather any of the following information: age, browser, device/hardware, gender, interests, Internet Protocol (IP) address, language, location, network, queries, time, or Universal Resource Locator (URL).  Google may also compile statistics, such as the number of visits that you made to my site.  For more information, see this Google page.

Google has provided an 'opt-out' tool that works with most browsers.  So, if you are concerned about your privacy, I recommend you install it or you do not visit my site at all (I hope you don't choose the last option).

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